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Technology integration
Integration with One - Telephony & One -CRM system
Unlimited Database integration through APIs X
Unpaid assitance in case of migration to a new Technology Stack X
Sampling Automation
Unlimited Sampling Plan Storage Max. 5
Unbiased Sampling process. No QA intervention
Allocate Audit Samples automatically from remote location directly to QA / TL
Pre-Evaluation of 100% Transactions through Text Analytics X
Risk & Rule Based Evaluation X
Case Management X X
Create Virtual Call Center in Training X X
Multiple data type from multiple sources as sampling parameters
Automated auditing process
Quality forms digitized and uploaded 5 Unlimited Unlimited
DIY - Add/edit/modify parameters - Critical & Non-Critical, Multiple rating scales
Automatic Call / Chat / Email log integration X
Number of Unique audits done by the auditor / month Max 500 Unlimited Unlimited
Access to Quality Form Library X
Customized Work Allocation methods X
Advisor - QA Rebuttal Management
CAPA - Correction action preventive action mapping X
Feedback and Coaching
Audio feedback facility
Document Attachment for QAs
Video feedback facility for QAs X X
Integration with Google Meet for Virtual Meetings X X
Email & Whatsapp Alerts X
Maintain Use case library X
Audio response facility for agents X
QC - Enabaling Modules
Automated Calibration (Inter / Intra team)
Audit the Auditor with Voice Coaching Feature
Supports Reproducibility & Repeatability test X
Supports Improvement plans through automated TNI reports X
Time bound, Process Knowledge tests (PKT) X
Dashboards and Reports
4-D reporting platform - OpsGuru Customized Customized Standard
Daily E-mail notification of critical metrics X
SMS notification of critical metrics X
Complementary Management accounts 0 3 5
Support 18*5 18*5 18*5
Dedicated Cloud Server Actuals Actuals Actuals
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