How Franchise Partners Are Making At Least 30% More Revenue with Entire Support Service Managed by TransMon

Cexlab, a leading software provider, sought to expand its offerings by including CX (Customer Experience) quality assurance tools. They discovered TransMon, a cutting-edge SaaS-based CX quality assurance tool that seamlessly integrates with the entire Genesys suite. Recognizing its potential, Cexlab formed a strategic partnership with TransMon to deliver unmatched CX quality assurance capabilities to their clients.
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Cexlab offered TransMon's solution to Swiggy, India's largest food-tech unicorn, to enhance their CX quality assurance processes. Swiggy subscribed to 1500 licenses of TransMon, priced at Rs. 500 per license per month for a year.
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Financial Benefits for Cexlab

  • Referral Partner Fee: Earned a 10% referral partner fee on Swiggy's total payment for TransMon licenses.
  • Revenue Increase: Increased revenue by at least 30% through the partnership.

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"Deploying TransMon was a game-changer. It seamlessly integrated with our systems, and the after-sales support was excellent. Clients experienced increased stickiness, and revenue grew by 30% or more. An invaluable solution strengthening our position."

C-ex Owner at Cexlab

Benefits for Swiggy:


Potential Benefits for Alliance Partners

increment (4)
Incremental Revenue:

Selling TransMon licenses provides additional revenue streams and increased profits.

Market Differentiation:

Offering TransMon's innovative solution sets partners apart from competitors, showcasing their commitment to cutting-edge technology.

satisfaction (1)
Customer Satisfaction:

Enhanced customer experiences lead to increased loyalty and positive feedback.

efficacy (1)
Operational Efficiency:

Automation and analytics streamline processes, reducing manual effort and saving time and resources.

growth (3)
Business Growth:

Exceptional CX quality assurance attracts new customers and drives business growth.