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Instant Insight into TransMon Decision Trees

Tailor Decision Trees to Your Brand Identity
Tailor your UI with personalized settings and select themes and colors to match your brand's identity seamlessly.
Seamlessly Attach Crucial Files & URLs to User Responses
Enhance responsiveness by linking questions and user responses for swift solutions, while also improving knowledge access by seamlessly embedding crucial files and URLs.
Connect Questions and User Responses for Rapid Issue Resolution.
Directly Link Guidance Steps (Questions) with Matching User Responses for Swift Solution.
Automate Decision Tree Navigation with API Integrations.
Effortlessly navigate decision tree steps for fast, personalized solutions, configure parameters to fetch and validate CRM data, and dynamically customize decision tree details based on CRM insights.
Submit Your Content for Approval and Choose Distribution Channels.
Customize titles and keywords for decision trees, add multiple keywords for improved discoverability, categorize content into existing or new categories, and select departments and channels for sharing.

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Reduced agent error


Reduced time to deliver answers


Less employee onboarding time


Queries self served


Ensure One-Time Resolution, Eradicating Repeat Calls with Flawless Customer Support


Simplify Elaborate SOPs into User-Friendly Guided Workflows

Shorten Handling Times and Guarantee SOP Compliance with Guided Workflows. Utilize No-Code Decision Trees to Create Content Independently, Simplifying Scenario Management Effortlessly.

Ensure Accessible Knowledge Anytime, Anywhere.

Deliver 24/7 instant customer support, even during agent downtime. Integrate decision trees across chatbots, web chat, and in-app support to deflect contacts efficiently. Ensure seamless bot-to-agent handover with TansMon's omnichannel knowledge solution.

Simplified CRM Integration for Tailored Customer Support Experiences

Enhance Customer Support with Seamless CRM Integration: Access Crucial Context Easily and Effortlessly Navigate Workflow Steps. Eliminate Repetitive Interactions and Scale Personalized Resolutions.

Streamline Support with Seamless Navigation, Eliminating the Need for Constant Screen Switching

Equip agents with Knowmax's Chrome extension for unrestricted access to relevant knowledge. They can handle multiple customers simultaneously without constraints, ensuring seamless and frustration-free support experiences.

Concerned About Content Migration?

Don't Worry, We've Got You Covered. Knowmax Masters Your Knowledge Environment to Safeguard and Transfer Your Knowledge Seamlessly. Here's Our Approach:

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