Customer Service Quality Assurance (QA) – Everything You Need to Know

Customer support teams require quality assurance just like writers need proofreaders and programmers need code reviews (QA). The analysis of their customer contacts serves as a […]

How customer service can be improved through a QA program in a measurable way?

Poor customer service costs businesses $75 billion every year. It is a smart, indeed an excellent proposition to develop a robust customer service strategy to prevent […]

Sell. Analyse. Repeat.

If you are looking for a product that can help your sales organization on following fronts: – Provide actionable intelligence using which agents can Turn Objections […]

List of Top Call Center Quality Monitoring Software

The success of every firm is heavily reliant on interactions with customers. It’s critical how a Customer Experience department handles client questions and complaints. It is […]

Colleagues Reviews Framework – The way ahead

I am on a mission. Mission to help teams {in every organization that I have worked with in the past or present} boost the visibility of […]

Benchmarks Of Quality Assurance That Ensures A Better Customer Experience

Quality Assurance (QA) plays a vital role in improving the business’s revenue. Hence QA metrics are set to measure the performance in terms of quality (product/services). […]

5 Key Elements Of A Reliable CX Quality Monitoring Framework

Contact centres generate a plethora of data every day. Now, customer interactions are not limited to voice calls, but also include many non-voice channels like email […]

Essentials for quality monitoring tools

The success secret of any brand lies in the way they communicate with their existing and potential customer. Each customer interaction contributes to the brand’s image […]

Creating a truly great customer experience for Ecommerce companies in 2021 – TransMonqa

As per Microsoft state of global customer report, 61% of the customers switch brands due to dissatisfying customer experience (also referred to as CX). Ecommerce companies […]

Quality Monitoring – Sampling Methods

When Call Center Quality Teams conduct Transaction monitoring, to understand ‘Health of the process’, it’s rarely possible to monitor 100% of population. Instead, they select a […]

Why eCommerce companies choose TransMon for Call Center Quality Monitoring?

According to new figures from IBEF Research released in April 2021, the eCommerce industry in India is expected to post a CAGR of ~27% b/w now […]

Which Rating Scale are you using?

Sharing an overview of the most common rating scales used in customer service. Depending on your internal evaluation goals, organizational structure and requirement you can choose […]

13 Customer Service Metrics

TransMonQa posts are plain, uncomplicated, plain sailing & straightforward. TransMonQa team believes in keeping it simple. Just like this simple rule, if you know how your […]

Are You Listening to All Your Calls, Across all Touchpoints?

You have a Contact Center. You Record billion of agent calls every month. As part of a typical Call Quality Monitoring operation, you end up monitoring […]

Spike up your customer experience with smart quality monitoring solution

Improve Your Customer Experience With A Smart Quality Monitoring Solution The customer service team plays an important in building the goodwill of the brand. People usually […]