Making Remote Customer Service Teams More Efficient


With many companies now working remotely, it's tough for businesses to keep track of what their customer service teams are doing. One big challenge is knowing if team members are starting work on time and how long they're taking to finish their tasks.


It's hard to make sure remote teams are logging in when they're supposed to and completing their work within their scheduled shifts.


TransMon came up with a unique way to solve these problems. Here's how it works:

Upgraded Flexibility

TransMon now Allows Manager to enter the shift timings for every team member whom they want to track
Further TransMon Now Captures the time stamp for each audit conducted on TransMon tool
Further an insight is given where in matching the shift time and timestamp of Audit insights are provided to business, if teams working from home are working during shift time or there is variation.
TransMon intelligently captures the time Taken to conduct the audit /Transaction
Through Effort Multiplier Managers are able to identify that how much time is going basis on a specific AHT.
Combined with the reports of Transactions performed with in shift or out of Shift, insights are available for action.


Using TransMon's system has led to some good results:

The system gives managers helpful information about what's going well and what needs improvement and brings operational efficiency. Managers can track the performance of team and work on performance management. They get view of how much time an auditor is taking for completing task. Time taken by single auditor evaluating on multiple forms (cross-form evaluation duration.) Multiple Auditors evaluating on single form (team-based form assessment)
Regular reviews and training help team members get better at their jobs and complete the assigned task within shift time
The system helps team members take responsibility for their work and support each other. In summary, TransMon's system has helped make remote customer service teams work better by making sure they start on time and do their tasks well.

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