How TransMon’s Regular Documented Coaching & Feedback feature helped an Indian multinational OTA, homes, and living spaces organization improve Customer Resolution scores?

When your customer support team is scaling, you know that you are in your toughest phase. It is at this time that you have to put in a lot of effort into onboarding new hires as smoothly and efficiently as possible to make sure that customers always receive outstanding support – regardless of whether they are talking to the more experienced members of the team or the newest support folks.

Now, on top of this, {adding new resources to team}, if you have outsourced your customer support team, and are dependent on outsourced partner to ensure shorter learning curve, standardization in CSRs response, and no impact on overall issue resolution, it is imperative to support internal and outsourced partner teams with an automated and digitized quality monitoring tool, that can ensure 100% regular documented feedback to agents.

Providing feedback to Customer Care Advisors was a no-brainer for us. We always knew that reviewing tickets to assess how well the team meets internal quality standards is a clear and intuitive way of bringing consistency into customer interactions. We were looking for a product that could help us automate & digitize the way our Quality auditors were delivery feedback.

We wanted to move away from manual method of providing feedback – leaving internal notes through email or conduct face to face sessions. We knew that this method was not going to scale.

It is with this intent that we explored available products in the market & post due-diligence decided to implement TransMon.

Fast forward to 2021, We have been using TransMon for transaction quality monitoring for the entire customer care department for approx. 2.5 years now.

  • Our Quality monitoring teams, both Internal & external focuses on providing regular documented feedback to customer care executives on 100% transactions that they monitor.
  • Quality Auditor’s coaching logs make sure that agents meet our rigorous internal criteria for product knowledge, suitable tone, and other necessary aspects in every communication.
  • As all feedbacks are getting documented, we have visibility and control on “Quality of Coaching”.

Automated & Digitized way of delivering feedback to Customer Care executives is a powerful way for improving the quality of customer-facing interactions and maintaining consistency across teams, agents, and channels – especially in a work from home environment.

Results speaks for itself

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