Enhancing Operational Efficiency and Coverage through Automation at
Asia’s largest home service provider.


Problem Statement

A leading platform connecting customers with various home services, faced significant challenges in their operations. Some of the major identified issues:

Inadequate Coverage

The existing sampling processes were unable to provide full coverage of customer interactions and service requests with sampling restricting to a mere 3%, leading to potential gaps in addressing customer needs.

Lack of Control

The company had outsourced its operations to multiple outsourced partners resulting in multiple challenges:
  • Manual and lack of inconsistent operational procedures making the entire ecosystem incoherent.
  • Decentralized control over critical processes like Sampling, Feedback & Coaching, Audit Quality etc. leading to lack of visibility.
  • Inability to validate authenticity of the data coming in. One of the symptoms being plummeting C-sat despite high “scores”.

No Idea or Implementation of TNI

Due to the aforementioned inconsistencies and more, there wasn’t a clear roadmap for Training Need Identification and implementation, especially for the frontline agent population resulting in no needle movement in relevant metrics.

Phase 1: Automation and Digitization through TransMon

In response to these challenges, the company adopted a comprehensive approach using automation and digitization through TransMon, leveraging the benefits of AI in customer service.

Unbiased Automated Sampling

TransMon implemented unbiased automated sampling of customer interactions and service requests, harnessing AI customer service benefits. This approach significantly increased the quality auditor (QA) productivity by 70% within the first 90 days of implementation. This improvement was achieved through AI-powered automated monitoring and evaluation of customer interactions.

Streamlined CX Processes

TransMon, with its AI customer service capabilities, also played a crucial role in streamlining customer experience (CX) processes for both customers and service partners. By utilizing AI algorithms, TransMon facilitated smoother interactions, quicker issue resolution, and improved satisfaction on both sides.

Phase 2: Integration of SOPs and AI-Driven Analysis through TransMon AI Suite

In the second phase of the project, the company focused on integrating standard operating procedures (SOPs) and AI-driven analysis into their operations, harnessing the benefits of AI in customer service.
sop (1)
SOP Creation and Standardization
The company created and standardized SOPs for their AutoQA process, aiming to enhance the quality of automated evaluations and leverage AI customer service benefits.
AI-Driven TransMon AutoQA Engine
These SOPs were mapped onto the AI-driven TransMon AutoQA engine, enabling actionable intelligence to be derived from population-level data through machine learning techniques. This integration showcased the power of AI benefits in customer service operations.
Machine Learning and Data Ingestion
The ML process involved data ingestion and the utilization of advanced algorithms such as Recursive Hierarchical Linear Fusion (RHLF) for analysis. By leveraging AI capabilities, the company gained deep insights from their massive dataset, highlighting the benefits of AI in driving data-driven decision-making.

Benefits Accrued

The adoption of TransMon and the subsequent automation and digitization efforts brought several benefits to the company:

100% data Coverage for providing actionable intelligence

The comprehensive automation and monitoring through TransMon AutoQA ensured that every customer interaction and service request were covered, as per the company SOPs leaving no gaps in the process.

Enhanced Quality and Efficiency

The implementation of automation tools led to a significant improvement in the quality of customer interactions, service delivery, and partner interactions. With over 70% productivity increase just during phase one, FCR (First Call Resolution) rate improved by over 20% resulting in massive dollar savings.

Within 90 days of implementation of TransMon AI suite, the company experienced more than 350% ROI with incalculable benefits of complete automation and standardization across the internal and outsourced partner network.

Actionable Insights

The machine learning-driven insights provided unprecedented insights into operational processes, like customer sentiments, topic modelling, AI driven coaching and feedback model and much more, enabling targeted improvements through its interactive dashboard OpsGuru.

Real-time Updates

The real-time updates through Alert Bee empowered stakeholders with the latest information, fostering better decision-making and reducing internal response time by 40% through automated mapping of workflows on WhatsApp.
The company’s journey with TransMon showcased how a strategic approach to automation and digitization can overcome operational challenges and bring about substantial improvements in quality, efficiency, and overall customer satisfaction.

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