100% Voice Coaching to the Agent
Brings together your data sources. Most Connected Quality & Coaching platform
Enables Instantaneous Feedback & Feedback Tracking
Eliminates QA intervention &bias in sample selection
Automated Reporting
Integrated platform for Process Knowledge Tests & update management
Create Call, Chat, Email Libraries for Training & Coaching
Automated Calibration, Audit the Auditor, Repeatability & Reproducibility

Evaluate, coach, and engage your customer service and sales team to a higher level of performance.


Speed up the evaluation process, remove selection bias and bring together your data sources. TransMon works as an independent platform or integrates with your favorite systems. Either via Hard or Soft integration

Whether you’re evaluating calls, emails, letters or back-office outputs, the ease and flexibility of creating evaluation forms, user-friendly screens& integration with ACDs and CRMs helps automate and digitize the entire workflow. Easy access to guidelines, feedback and results improves consistency while our case management feature allows you to report end-to-end customer experience across multiple contacts and channels.


Quality auditors and Coaches can voice record their feedback, attach process documents & product information along with Voice Feedback. TransMon allows users to create Call Libraries. TransMon allows users to track “Quality of Coaching” & “100% instantaneous feedback” to frontline staff. Using TransMon users can easily access quality results from within the platform.

Combine CRM inputs with ACD database along with & agent’s historical performance, tenure to create intelligent Sampling plans. Use Text analytics to drive special projects like First Call Resolution, Average Handle Time, Sales throughput, Collection & recovery processes within your organization.


Access our library of scorecards to help get you started or take advantage of the intuitive scorecard builder to replicate your existing approach.Add sections, questions, steps, reporting tags and guidelines and choose from a range of best-practice scoring templates

Over the 10 years, we’ve come across more scoring frameworks than you could think of. Because there’s no right or wrong way, TransMon is completely flexible.Mirror your existing approach, configure pre-built templates or design new ways of scoring entirely.


Nurture and support a new generation of agent by sending Voice & Text feedback to agents in real-time.Provide agents with a personalised dashboard of their own results and performance trends.Enable the agent to access their feedback and coaching records and allow them to participate in the feedback and coaching process.

Automated Call Monitoring That is Packed With Smart Features For Everyone

Quality monitoring plays a critical role in ensuring that contact centers are meeting the predetermined organizational goals. A high customer satisfaction rate during interaction with the support or sales team creates a positive image of the brand, which overall enhances the customer experience and increases the chance of achieving a better conversion rate. Now optimize KPIs effortlessly with TransMon. This tool is a powerful solution to overcome all the challenges that are present in the existing approach. It can automate the complete process and eliminate the chances of errors which is desirable by every organization while analyzing the reports.

This tool was designed to add convenience to the process of quality monitoring at all levels of the management. Hence it is integrated with features for agents, QAs, and the supervisor. This way, they remain aware of each other’s activities (to the permissible limit). Moreover, actionable reports are generated instantly, which can help in making further decisions. It can be integrated with any software without a doubt and is equipped with many features that can help in keeping up the productivity and managing the team in the “Work From Anywhere” setup. Check out all the features in-depth!