Food Tech Unicorn Case Study

How TransMon Helped One Of India’s Largest Food -Tech Unicorn Maintain Customer Support Quality Through Hypergrowth


Before TransMon

In July 2018:

  • Support team size: 2000
  • Quality monitoring consisted of hands-on, manual internal transaction audits.
  • Outsourcing Customer Service teams to multiple partners and manual internal transaction monitoring wasn’t sustainable at scale.
  • With the team growing so quickly, their Customer support team was having trouble on multiple fronts including
  • Lack of control and visibility around quality monitoring at partner’s end,
  • Providing the necessary feedback with their existing manual approach to transaction monitoring,
  • Error-prone business discovery reports because of manual approach.
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General Manager - Customer Delight

“We have been on a steep growth trajectory. Growing remotely across different cities in subcontinent – all the reason why we needed to have an automated, digitized quality monitoring product.”


Complexities Involved:

  • Multiple communication:
  • Traditional voice
  • Email
  • Chat
  • Social media

Their Customer Service experts deal with varying tools, and maintaining in-depth knowledge of the product itself is key to solving customer queries.

They are required to connect with external partners, delivery teams regularly.

To add to the complexity, the quality-monitoring team is a hybrid model; i.e., quality auditors sitting at service provider locations and captive offices.

Nuggets of wisdom: Why manual customer support quality control doesn’t cut it

  1. Biased Sampling, minimum control over what is being audited.
  2. No visibility on whether feedback was given & no visibility on quality of coaching
  3. Learning curves of staff longer than desirable
  4. No visibility on the time being spent by support staff on coaching
  5. Wide variation in Fatal Scores b/w QAs, QAs vs. TLs & trainers
  6. Reporting is manual, effort intensive & error prone
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Why TransMon

Client Customer Service Leadership knew that a robust feedback system is necessary for a team to continuously improve, especially when they sit next to each other virtually instead of physically.

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What We bring to the table

  1. New hire Certification: Considering their current structure where a large portion of Customer Service team is outsourced to multiple partners, their certification processes required automated, digitized and robust system. TransMon is currently used for the Certification & onboarding process.
  2. Partner Management: TransMon has helped clients bring back control in distributed environments, especially in work-from-home Scenarios. The client now has OneView across multiple processes & multiple partners. In addition to this Visibility around Staff Efficiency through Automated Dashboards has helped client monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of the transaction monitoring project.
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Client Review

“When a new team member finishes their training, we start including them in our TransMon Audit tool. This smoothens the certification process at one end, establishes a starting point to track progress. In addition, it provides visibility how a team member progresses over the next few months. Overall, a rewarding experience.”

The Results


2018 team size


2021 team size


IQs and CSAT

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