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How TransMonis contributing to resolve CX challenges in Ed-tech industry

Indian Ed-tech industry is pegged at 30 Billion USD over the next decade. TransMon is trusted by the biggest Ed-tech giants in India for CX touchpoint monitoring / Quality Monitoring.

  • Offline Payment Reconciliation resulting in delay in product delivery.
  • Mis-handling of Hassle free money back Guarantee / Refund related transactions.
  • The rise in adoption has resulted in demand-supply gap for good Educators. Internal recruitment process requires Quality Audits to ensure the on-boarding of capable educators.
  • Internal Sales / CS monitoring process not aligned with end customer expectation.
  • Automated and Digitized the auditing process with TransMon to replace Legacy/excel based system through complete overhaul of the process.
  • Institutionalize single window system to cover Sales / Educator Support / Student Support & Business Critical Audits.
  • Data driven Sampling plans to ensure representative results through Artificial Intelligence and through native integration with existing technology stacks (ACD/CRMs).
  • BI Platform – OpsGuru culled out actionable inputs from population data. Using this information Sampling plan basis top call drivers, risks & fraud reasons done. Also facilitated much better control and visibility to the management through an array of reports and dashboarding options.
  • 8% Improvement in Conversational Quality scores O for ‘Offline Payment Recon’ transactions.
  • 2.35% Reduction in Refund processing in the span of 90 days.
  • Pilot done for auditing recorded Educator Interview & Sales webinar by educators.
  • Inputs shared & implemented on ‘Quality Form design & Quality Team structure’ based on COPC standard resulting in 4D audit approach.
  • Combined monetized benefit of ₹ 8.3M n delivered for 350 FTE centers within 90 days of Transmon implementation.

Special project – Identifying Unnecessary Response & improvement in Resolution time

Wasteful usage of 14% FTE in Student support group identified on account of unnecessary responses sent in email queue.

Note: FTE numbers are changed for confidentiality reasons. Similar work was done for chat / Social media & special desk queues.

S. No Header Details Comments
1 Unique Tickets 130 Special project study
2 Tickets with unnecessary response 14
3 %age tickets with unnecessary response 10.77%
4 Average time taken to respond to 1 ticket (in minutes) 10% Assumption
5 Average time taken to respond to 1 ticket (sec) 600
6 Total time available for agent in a day (in sec) 28800
7 Average count of tickets per day / agent 48
8 Error prone ticket / day 5
9 Average salary of agent / day ₹ 1,458 Assumption 35K monthly CTC with load
10 Cost per ticket reply ₹ 30.38
11 Leakage /agent / day ₹ 157.05
12 Total agent in queue 1000 (only for Illus. Not actual queue size)
13 Leakage / day for Queue ₹ 1,57,050
14 Leakage / month for queue ₹ 47,11,500
15 Leakage – FTE 14%
16 Annualized leakage ₹ 5,65,38,000

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